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Social & Digital Media

Control. Thanks to social and digital media, consumers have it. Their own personalized slice of content when and where they want it.

Watch this short video to learn more about our Social & Digital Media practice.

Ketchum Digital's vision is one that exhibits limitless creativity, which strategically aligns consumer insights, technology and imagination. Ketchum Digital is fully integrated in our approach to communications and we ensure that each brand story is ready at the time and place consumers seek to interact with them.

As consumers seamlessly toggle daily on the social Web on numerous devices, our goal is to help manage and evolve the on-line experience for all audiences and for all screens with visual content that is engaging, stimulating and pass-along worthy.

Our depth of expertise includes digital, social and content strategists; video and interactive producers; graphic designers, technology gurus, user experience, as well as search and measurement experts that are all incredibly passionate about this space and our clients' global digital footprint.

Our Approach - Ketchum’s People Centric Approach To Digital (P2P)

Discovers What Makes People Care

  • Target Analysis
  • Influencer Identification
  • Insights Research 
  • Digital / Social Strategy

Creates Stories That Become Their Stories or Creates Sharable Stories

  • Message Mapping / Story Pillars
  • Owned Digital Destinations
  • Editorial and Visual Content
  • Live Events

Makes It Easy To Engage

  • Distribution Strategy / Conversation Central
  • Media/Blogger Relations

Proves It Is Working

  • Web Analytics
  • Social Dashboards

Ketchum Global Digital Network

To ensure a consistent approach to the social web and to take advantage of emerging digital trends from around the world, we created the Ketchum Global Digital Network, a collaborative group of more than 200 digital experts in Ketchum offices everywhere. While the World Wide Web is global, social media can be hyper local. Our digital experts in each market enable us to take the right cultural and linguistic approach to engaging audiences wherever they live. Whether clients need local social media conversation management or global digital programs rolling out across multiple regions, the Ketchum Global Digital Network delivers.