Shaping Future Leaders

Being a head counselor at Camp Ketchum comes with the responsibility and the goal of making 75 emerging agency leaders even better in just five days. A few things I kept in mind throughout camp that may help you every day:

— Give those you are teaching time to digest and play with learnings.

— Provide fast feedback; it matters.

— Create opportunities for peers to learn from each other.

— Downtime provides some of the most important learning time, as people build relationships that strengthen the effectiveness of business.

— Listen fearlessly to those you are teaching; it results in cross-directional learning.

— Be flexible to let agendas shift (especially if the temperature rises).

— Bring forth an appreciation of the diversity of global talent and embrace the differences.

Make learning engaging and relevant. 
— As with life, make the most of every moment.
It has been an honor to work with our outstanding talent from around the world and be a part of creating a strong community with a common business language. Developing talent is one of the most important things you can do, and perhaps the unexpected outcome is what happens in the process – you are enriched as well. Take the time to make talent development a priority in what you do every day.