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Welcome to Ketchum South Korea! Thanks for your interest in learning more about our work.

Our Seoul team has 20+ years of experience providing strategic and integrated communication services to Korean conglomerates, companies going global and non-Korean entities breaching our market for the first time. Our clients range across a wide variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, financial services, public affairs and consumer. We also understand that the break through work we do is only possible because of our dynamic and highly skilled professionals.

But what makes us different from our competitors? Our approach:

  • We are communicators – not salesmen. We don’t write proposals just to win business
  • We believe that if a solution that does not meet your business’s bottom line – it’s meaningless
  • We know that methodologies and approaches are only effective when you expect the unexpected – we are always be prepared to adapt

We know there’s no one single approach or answer, which is why we’re constantly keen to the ever-changing dynamism of perception and public sentiment. We care about your needs both unmet, and those yet to be revealed.

Our singular focus is on delivering results and, in return, gaining wisdom and a sense of fulfillment in the work we do.

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