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Kimberly-Clark, Scott Naturals® “#TossTheTube”

Ketchum and Kimberly-Clark asked individuals to #TossTheTube by creating a real 1,000-pound three-story replica of the Empire State Building made completely from TP tubes and installed it in New York City within sight of the skyscraper. A national pledge drive asked eco-conscious individuals to #TossTheTube forever with Scott Naturals® Tube-Free. The campaign generated 6.3 million pledges, 18,000 media stories and 113 million impressions over the 10-week campaign. Sales in the New York Metro Area were up 41% in the weeks following the event. The giant structure was exhibited in the Children’s Museum of Manhattan for months following the event.


  • 2015 North American EFFIE Awards – Positive Change Effie – North America

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