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Discovery and Insights

KGRA turns data into insights. We're supported by $3.5 million of research services and databases. That means we're current with the latest research offerings for traditional, digital, and social media. Our tools and products include:

  • Ketchum Media Optimizer (KMO): This planning tool was designed to increase PR efficiency and serve as the “compass” for setting overall PR strategy. The KMO will increase targeting precision by prioritizing the best channels for reaching a specific target audience, thereby focusing outreach on outlets that will move the needle. It strengthens results and ROI by steering the planning process to consider optimal media first, tactics second, to improve overall success. It sparks creative possibilities otherwise not imagined, including unexpected editorial opportunities and strategic partnerships with digital, sports and entertainment properties.

  • Ketchum Target Insights: Ketchum has access to online panels globally for quantitative and qualitative research purposes to develop target audience insights, help win new business, test concepts and messages, and provide general guidance to clients.

Planning and Program Development

In today’s economy, companies must link business outcomes with key communications functions such as investor relations, government affairs, employee communications, PR, and issues and crisis management. Our research-based products/services link these intangible attributes for Fortune 500 companies and quantify their value. Here's the tool we use to make this happen:

  • Ketchum Corporate Brandbuilder: Measures corporate reputation management programs by providing an analysis of the current and past reputation of a company, its competitors, and those companies it aspires to emulate, as well as setting strategy by which to move the corporate brand identity needle.


We believe there is no single, “one-size-fits-all” method to evaluating PR results. So we employ a combination of techniques to evaluate and quantify performance on all agency work.  Outlining clear objectives and desired outputs/outcomes before you begin is critical for effective measurement.

The Barcelona Principles are a series of standards and practices to guide measurement and evaluation, developed by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communications, PRSA, and many other industry leading organizations. Our own Dr. David Rockland, Managing Director of KGRA, led the development of The Principles, which state:

  1. Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement
  2. Measuring the Effect on Outcomes is Preferred to Measuring Outputs
  3. The Effect on Business Results Can and Should Be Measured Where Possible
  4. Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality
  5. AVEs are not the Value of Public Relations
  6. Social Media Can and Should be Measured
  7. Transparency and Replicability are Paramount to Sound Measurement

We believe strongly in measuring results and linking those results to what probably matters most to clients by helping to answer the most common question: “What did I get for the money I spent on PR?”

Ketchum has a partnership with The Modellers, an Omnicom company that supports Ketchum with extensive PHD-level statistical analysis.  We use statistical modeling to determine and isolate the value public relations brings to a client’s business based on trends over time or survey responses, often with existing client data.

Social Media Measurement

Social media may be engaging, fun and exciting, but does it matter for your business? KGRA has a suite of tools to show the value of earned social media, moving clients away from “traditional” boundaries of media measurement (e.g., impressions). Ketchum and Zócalo Group have teamed to develop comprehensive, best-in-class social media measurement tools so our account teams can measure and report their social media successes.