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Reputation by Permission | Healthcare

Businesses in all sectors are under enormous scrutiny – and healthcare is no different. The sector is facing rising expectations and greater demands from a range of empowered stakeholders. Challenges like regulatory barriers, reputational issues and reimbursement hurdles not only affect overall reputation, they create friction that can erode a company’s “permission to operate.”

Reputation by Permission | Healthcare provides a new framework for building reputation in an age of transparency and empowered stakeholders. It starts with the premise that reputation today is co-created with stakeholders—that it has to be earned through genuine two-way dialogue and active engagement. We help healthcare clients earn greater permission through the following steps:

  • Using proprietary research tools, we gauge the level of permission you have within the marketplace and map out a plan for earning greater permission with stakeholders, influencers, advocacy groups, regulators and legislators
  • We reframe your healthcare messages from the vantage point of your stakeholders—understanding their real issues and concerns and telling your story through that lens
  • We enlist the support of your employees, a healthcare company’s most vital ambassador, to ensure they are reinforcing your brand story in their every interaction with stakeholders
  • We help tell your story and engage effectively with stakeholders through unique programs and compelling content delivered across the full spectrum of paid, earned, shared and owned channels