Protect Your Good Name

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Building a good reputation takes time. Not only with the public, but also with stakeholders that you are dealing with. Damaging a reputation, however, does not require much. It happen often totally unexpected, but with huge consequences. Adequate communication helps to prevent and limit reputation damage

Issues can arise out of nothing. All of a sudden, you are in the spotlights of politics and regulators, an fictional story of your product spreads rapidly across Facebook, or your suppliers are suddenly facing a new bacterium. Damage to your reputation caused by negative publicity is caused easily.

Ketchum has assisted organizations for decades with crisis management and crisis communications. We have trained many executive teams and assisted organizations in their dealing with media and stakeholders. Crisis prevention, however, is even more important than crisis management. Ketchum helps brands to prevent reputation damage by recognizing crisis situations earlier and by being better prepared.

Crisis communication is important every day. Being prepared for a crisis requires continuous listening and the knowledge of what is happening. In the market, in the media and on social media. It’s about creating and managing the right contacts, so that they know what your organization stands for, and about knowing the facts and consciousness that reside within your organization. That way, our experience has taught us, you prevent a lot of trouble.