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Peter Otten

Partner/Managing Director, Ketchum Belgium

Peter is a seasoned crisis & media trainer having trained numerous spokespeople en members of the C-suite of large multi-national companies. He has also acted on several occasions as spokesperson for the client, when their spokesperson was not available.

Peter Otten has been working in the Corporate, Business-to-Business and Consumer Communications industry for over 12 years. Peter formerly ran the Belgian and International Corporate Communications department at Hill & Knowlton, where he spent almost 10 years of his career. While there, he oversaw pan-European and national corporate brand and positioning programmes for companies such as HP, Deloitte, Veolia, Hertz, and DHL.

He also ran awareness campaigns for Mars, Inbev (awareness campaign against drinking under t the age of 16) and Boston Scientific (Training sales force how to inform GDPs and other HCPs on new code of conduct with regards to hospitality events, corporate gifts and sponsorships).