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Ketchum’s Prague and Czech Republic affiliate is Pleon Impact. Our services include media relations, brand marketing, corporate communications, community relations, employee relations, graphic design, event marketing and sponsorships, crisis communications, public affairs, and media training.

We base our services on four principles:

  1. Conceptual thinking: Trust, understanding and support take a long time to cultivate but can easily be lost. Our mission is to create a good relationship and an affinity with your organization and products we understand your needs. We will assess the situation and form the best strategy for us to achieve set goals
  2. Rapid reaction: A prerequisite for taking any action is detailed and constant monitoring of public opinion on particular issues.
  3. Creativity: The range of tools available to win the general public's good will is endless. Be it consumers, employees, shareholders, investors, political representatives, business partners, professionals from the field, journalists or members of voluntary associations, we know how to engage them at the right time, in the right place and always in the most effective manner.
  4. Balanced communication: We carefully target the message recipients and distribution channels, and we balance public opinion with our clients' business goals. When formulating a client's internal and external relations, we take into account current trends in society, economics and politics.