Personalizing Your Wellness Journey, at Any Age or Stage

October 1, 2019

1969 was quite a year.

The first moon walk… Woodstock… and the year of my birth.

Yes, I’m 50 now. But it’s not my mother’s 50. While she was fairly healthy at that age, she wasn’t thinking about whole life wellness the way we do today. Exercise and eating well are still important aspects of living a healthy life, but the path to true wellness can mean so much more. From self-care, sleep optimization and daily meditation to seeking emotional happiness and human connection, your wellness journey is personal, regardless of age or stage.

Ketchum Wellness Council

Across all demographics and geographies, wellness has exploded throughout commerce and culture. And that means there are plenty of activities and rituals – and products and services – that are appealing to me as I seek to fill my personal wellness white space.

Brands, too, are seeking to differentiate and find their own white space in the ever-evolving wellness landscape. They realize that wellness is a mindset, a movement and a category with rich momentum. They’re looking for ways to make deeply personal emotional connections within a mass, consumer-oriented category.

That’s why Ketchum’s Wellness team of lifestyle and influencer marketing specialists has decided to team up with a newly curated, five-person Wellness Council to uncover the latest trends, data and personalities shaping a $4.2 trillion-dollar global wellness economy.

These visionary entrepreneurs have their fingers on the pulse of wellness, understand its nuances, and aren’t shy about sharing their views. We’ve assembled them to distill and share meaningful insights to help brands tell wellness stories that benefit the consumers they serve, and their own bottom lines.

We’re excited that they’ll be sharing their latest research, knowledge and personal wellness passions through their (and Ketchum’s) social media channels. Plus, we feel certain they will perfectly complement our Wellness White Space offering, a data- and research-driven competitive analysis tool that helps brands at any age or stage define and articulate their unique wellness stories.

Meet Ketchum’s founding Wellness Council members:

Joanne Encarnacion (@gofitjo): A women’s wellness and life coach, mother of two daughters and the creator behind GOFITJO, a blog that documents one woman’s road to radical self-acceptance. Joanne was named one of the Top 20 New Health + Wellness Role Models by Ariana Huffington and Thrive Global.

Rebecca Garland (@fitandflygirl): The co-founder and CEO for Fit & Fly, Rebecca’s passion for travel and wellness has led her to over 35 countries on five continents. Fit & Fly retreats bring women together, allowing them to learn new fitness and wellness techniques and providing a space to facilitate self-care in their wellness practice. Rebecca is a freelance travel writer, and her company Fit & Fly was named one of 10 Female-Focused Travel Companies to Know by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Jonathan Leary (@drjonathanleary): Concierge wellness doctor and CEO/founder of Remedy Place, Dr. Leary has worked to develop and understand cutting-edge techniques that optimize the body’s capacity for natural healing. He has brought his professional expertise to celebrities, athletes and patients from all walks of life and hosts wellness retreats all over the globe that aim to educate, inspire and change the way we think about our health and our bodies.

Amy Nobile ( Founder of Love, Amy, a full-service dating concierge service that marries the technology of modern-day dating with a holistic view of human-to-human energy and connection. She’s also a best-selling co-author of four books that encourage smart, savvy women to re-invent themselves, write their next chapters and launch businesses on their own terms.

Jennifer Walsh (@thejenniferwalsh): Jennifer founded Beauty Bar, the first omnichannel beauty brand in the U.S., before selling it to a major retailer in 2010. She recently launched Walk with Walsh, a platform showcasing “nature smart” people and brands to unlock the stories of those that bring nature into all they do. Her Nature Green Print (NGP) program underscores the importance of walking mindfully through nature to bridge the gap between nature and brain health.

Stay tuned, as in the coming weeks, the Ketchum Wellness Council will deliver points of view on various wellness industry trends. Confident, articulate and bold, they won’t be shy in sharing their perspectives and advice – for brands and, maybe, a certain birthday girl looking to live well, and with wellness, as she embarks on a new decade!

As a Partner and Managing Director for Wellness at Ketchum, Christy develops campaigns through a creative lens to ensure brand voices are heard and differentiated within the lifestyle and wellness space. Christy leads teams and nurtures client relationships across a variety of industries, including beauty/personal care, fitness/mind/body, multi-level marketing (MLM), CPG and retail. As a visionary brand marketer with 25+ years of experience, Christy has led integrated campaigns for a diverse group of high profile brands, including an in-house role as vice president of public relations at Starbucks Coffee Company. Christy lives in Los Angeles with her 11-year-old daughter Carly who is a constant source of creative inspiration each and every day.