Ketchum Introduces Reputation Management and Issues Expertise for Technology Industry

Ketchum Introduces Reputation Management and Issues Expertise for Technology Industry


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SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2019 – Leading communications consultancy Ketchum today announced it is enhancing its suite of services customized to technology companies with reputation management and issues expertise designed for the industry’s unique and growing needs.

With increasing scrutiny on technology companies’ practices, “Techlash” continues to grow, and technology brands face new reputation and communication challenges that require specific expertise.

Melissa Kinch, Ketchum partner and managing director, Technology, said, “It is a new era in technology in which many leaders and brands who are used to rapid growth and public support for their innovations are being more scrutinized and criticized. As the culture of disruption grows, it is important technology brands have access to communications consultants who understand the unique needs of this industry and who can modernize issues management and reputation strategy for an ever-changing environment.”

Built upon Ketchum’s renowned Issues & Crisis expertise and its Reputation by Permission philosophy, this advanced expertise customizes skills and tools to the needs of technology companies. Ketchum’s experts will focus on helping technology companies manage through three key areas of growing need:

  • Cultural Disconnections: Many technology brands are facing internal cultural growing pains and disconnects between what their employees perceive the brand’s place in the world is and what the brand’s actions are. From polarized political views to issues of international trade to diversity in the workplace, tech companies are facing questions from their workforces like never before. Ketchum can identify the perceptions of different stakeholder groups and connect those to the company’s objectives and actions to ensure consistency and a meeting of expectations.
  • Human Disruption: From AI and autonomous vehicles to cloud computing and 5G, technologies are disrupting almost every industry and every aspect of human life. But they can lead to negative repercussions, especially in relation to the human disruption of things like lost jobs, untrained workforces or even family dynamics. Innovative technology companies must enhance their trust and reputation to avoid being blamed for consumer angst. Ketchum can identify pain points and help create short- and long-term communications solutions to help alleviate stakeholder concerns through dialogue.
  • Data Privacy and Stewardship: Data is the new currency, however many consumers lack understanding of how their data is being collected, stored, analyzed and sold. In addition, security breaches pose a real risk to privacy and safety online. As consumers demand more transparency and governments impose more regulation, technology companies must be prepared to engage in conversations about their policies and to be prepared for any attacks that come their way. With extensive knowledge of the technology sector and the issues it faces, Ketchum can create comprehensive communication plans that can help prevent crises but also mitigate those that arise.

This expertise will be led by Kinch and Lisa Sullivan, partner and director, Technology, in partnership with John Bradbury, partner and managing director, Issues & Crisis.

Kinch added, “With smart communications strategies based on transparency and understanding societal permission, technology brands will continue to be seen as the most innovative and desirable companies in the world, benefiting their customers, their employees and society at large.”

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