Movements and Communities – Two Important Panels at 'Respect the Internet' This Week

“Respect the Internet” is an annual event for the top minds in Internet and marketing to address some of the biggest issues facing us all. “Respect the Internet” is a conference about working together and building relationships that unlock the power of online communities and movements.

I’ll be moderating two panels on Oct. 6 with experts in two important areas.

Movements By Marketers
The Big Question of Respect: Can companies launch and lead movements to promote their commercial interests or are movements only for causes?

This panel will share the panelists’ expertise in creating movements and what companies can learn from their success to create movements of their own. We’ll explore the impact of the Internet on the fundamentals of movements, misconceptions companies have about movements, and what companies need to understand before trying to start a movement of their own.

Monetizing Online Communities
The Big Question of Respect: Are the interests of companies looking to monetize online communities contradictory with the spirit of what makes online communities successful?


This panel will address how companies can monetize online communities in an authentic way that doesn’t jeopardize the health of the community. We’ll get the panelists perspective about the role communities should play in a company’s marketing strategy, discuss ways and approaches to engage a community without appearing exploitative, and discuss how a company can help with scaling a community to make it larger and more effective.
We’ll be streaming this event, you can access the stream here. Have a question you’d like me to bring up? I’m on Twitter and happy to chat.