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Media Relations

Today, anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection can be a publisher. Got a smartphone and a signal? You can be a broadcaster.

The second-to-second global media news cycle has forever changed media relations. And it takes a unique media specialist to navigate this landscape – one who sits where traditional and social media intersect. Knows key influencers and what matters to them. Continuously finds and creates strategic opportunities. Shapes compelling stories. And builds and protects reputations.

To keep pace, Ketchum created the largest, best-trained, best-equipped, most collaborative network of media relations professionals in the world. We have nearly 300 focused experts, with an intimate regional and local understanding of key markets around the world.

When you need to tell an important story, anywhere in the world, you need people who think globally and act locally. Only one media relations network was built from the ground up to do just this – Ketchum’s Global Media Network.

We will help you:

  • Devise the right media strategy
  • Connect to breaking news, emerging trends and the media you want to reach
  • Craft customized messages to work where you need them
  • Coach your executives to deliver the message
  • Track who follows your story and what it means to your business
  • Take your story to the media (legacy + social) and manage media conferences
  • Manage incoming media demands
  • Create win-win interaction with your communities
  • Influence media audiences