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With more than 2,500 women surveyed from across the United States, China, the United Kingdom and Germany, our 2014 Marketing to Moms Study uncovered that big changes in women’s perceptions and behaviors, as well as in family and societal dynamics, are occurring.

As more moms bring home more of the household income, the ripple effects of the “Breadwinner PheMOMenon” are significant. Notable findings include:

Defining SuccessFor working moms, personal success is defined by health, home safety, parenting and avoiding debt. For moms with younger kids, having healthy, well-adjusted children tops the list.

Becoming Chief Financial OfficerWomen are embracing a new financial role. The percentage of women now saying they make all of the financial decisions for the family is now 36 percent, double what it was in 2006 (18 percent).

Serving as the Breadwinner for Years: The vast majority of those who are breadwinners have been so for five or more years.

Seeking Purpose: The vast majority of respondents say that they do not feel in control of their destiny nor has their career given them a greater sense of purpose.

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