March Madness: 5 Slam Dunks for Brands

The time has arrived for thousands of office pools, bracket challenges and, perhaps most importantly, some incredible basketball. Even the President of the United States takes time to fill out his bracket and watch games. But for marketers, March Madness opens up endless opportunities to showcase their creativity and be disruptive (click to tweet).

Moments in time like March Madness are all about unpredictability. The upsets, buzzer beaters and nail-biters all drive social conversations—and that’s when brands need to be at the ready. So what separates the winners and losers? Above all else, brands that recognize their consumers are on a journey, experiencing March Madness across a myriad of online and offline channels, will reap the rewards.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when creating your March Madness strategy:

1. Lead the Team in Assists:
How about offering a discount code on a popular product if a consumer tweets at your handle? Or perhaps a free product if someone can predict the unpredictable? Building this type of community involvement will add value, drive thoughtful action and support overall brand sentiment.

2. Wear Your Team Colors with Pride:
Hometown pride is a vital component to social success during March Madness. But, nobody likes a bandwagon fan, especially if it’s a brand. Authenticity is key here. Further ingratiate your brand within the community by showcasing creative ways to support for your hometown team.

3. There’s no I in TEAM:
March Madness seizes the daytime attention span like no other sporting event in the country, but it doesn’t have to be a workplace productivity killer. Challenge your distracted colleagues to turn their excitement into an opportunity: Host clients for a viewing party. Organize friendly contests. Schedule an internal viewing party as an opportunity to build camaraderie.

4. Shoot for Accuracy:
Marketers will certainty be competing with thousands of other voices simultaneously vying for attention. Maximize the reach of your posts by targeting content to smaller, sub-categories. Make sure you go dancing with a defined targeting strategy.

5. Channel Your Inner Jordan:
Creativity is king in the age of disruption. Whether you’re creating a branded Snapchat geofilter, switching out your brands’ cover photos or creating humorous vines, you must find your differentiator. Start by analyzing your audience and focus on what makes them tick.

How are you breaking through the clutter this year?