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When predicting the future, demographers, social scientists and business leaders turn their attention to Los Angeles. Arguably the most diverse city on earth, the blending of nationalities (140), languages (26, at last count), cultures and attitudes in Los Angeles has created a population center that is a distinctive predictor of the world as it will be. Like it or not, Los Angeles serves as the incubator for global business and consumer trends, and we in the Los Angeles office of Ketchum serve our clients as navigators to the future.

Los Angeles is home to the world's film, music and television industries, and is an international center for aerospace, transportation design, healthcare, energy services, fashion and technology industries. The growing convergence and ongoing interaction of all these industries creates a dynamic business environment unmatched anywhere else.

We at Ketchum Los Angeles are an accurate reflection of the diversity and dynamism of the region. To best serve our clients, we have to be. More importantly, we reflect the continuous evolution and innovation of our hometown. Unlike traditional agency models, we draw expertise from our various teams to meet specific client needs. Today, a typical account team likely includes experts from our Corporate, Brand and Technology practices rather than just a single practice area. At the same time, we likely are serving as a bridge between our clients and the entertainment industry through Ketchum Entertainment Marketing. And since Los Angeles is the U.S. cultural and business capital of the Pacific Rim, we also are likely to be serving our clients as a link between the U.S. and Ketchum offices throughout Latin America and Asia.

We're proud of our position as the fifth-largest agency in the incredibly complex market that is Los Angeles – our home.