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Although recognised as the global leader in roof windows and accessories, Copenhagen based VELUX was not in the habit of making news. The company had ambitious plans for reducing its carbon footprint, but bigger brands had been making environmental leadership announcements for years, including companies with massive built in audiences like BMW, Disney, Nike, Google, and Amazon.
But in fact, the privately owned company was making a historic commitment. VELUX would not only cut the carbon emissions of its supply chain dramatically by the company’s 100th anniversary in 2041, but it would also go back to its founding in 1941 and remediate its entire history of carbon emissions 5.6 million tons.

To achieve this, The VELUX Group would commit to dramatically cutting the carbon emissions of its company and value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3) in line with the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious 1.51.5°C reduction pathway. In the value chain, this commitment would translate to a 50% emissions reduction by 2030 and include VELUX suppliers
(scope 3) a significant undertaking.


Lifetime Carbon Neutral was a new and complex concept, arrived at through extensive science and mathematical calculation. For VELUX, the details were precisely the point. Our media relations strategy was seeded around the depth and rigor required for VELUX to pull off its ambitious goals. If that meant driving a message heavy on historic fuel source ratios, agroforestry systems, and 1.5˚ C reduction pathways, we were well prepared. Our goal was to get our little known client into new conversations, explain the concept and commitment to Lifetime Carbon Neutral, and inspire other businesses to follow VELUX’s leadership blueprint.


The months of hard work resulted in VELUX becoming a global environmental leader overnight. More than 600
pieces of coverage referenced VELUX and its Lifetime Carbon Neutral commitment, reaching across 32
countries and all 14 markets where VELUX operates. One in five pieces were Tier 1 coverage, with an average
quality score of 4.84 for key message inclusion, sentiment, and VELUX prominence.
Strategic pitching earned headline mention and detailed coverage from Bloomberg and Fast Company, significant
as the US has lower brand recognition than in Europe and represents a key growth market for VELUX, while Sky
News featured a live broadcast interview with VELUX Group CEO David Briggs, generating a 3.1 million reach. Briggs also appeared on BBC Television internationally and in the UK for the first time in the company’s history.

The Lifetime Carbon Neutral video with WWF was viewed more than 40 million times in the first month, across
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and received a high positive ad liking, of 70%. And VELUX group sales rebounded sharply despite the pandemic, with a growth of 14% over 2019.Perhaps most satisfying, almost immediately after the
announcement, VELUX received a call from Microsoft wanting to know more about how Lifetime Carbon Neutral
works. We had staked a leadership position worth following.