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For Endometriosis Awareness Month, Libresse/Bodyform (owned by Essity) tackled the silence around period pain. Ketchum has partnered with Essity to launch a virtual Pain Museum that brings endometriosis and the gender pain gap to the forefront.

#Painstories has been created to offer a new way to express and articulate pain.

The global launch of #painstories kicked off with the world’s first Pain Museum, created by Ketchum’s in-house production team. The museum takes media on an interactive journey, exploring the real descriptions of pain used in the Dictionary. Libresse knows that to truly bring about cultural change they need help from all areas, so as well as media and influencers, doctors and NGOs will be joining the global launch event.

176 million women globally suffer from endometriosis, and for many, excruciating pain is a part of their lives. Endometriosis affects one in 10 women but takes an average of seven and a half years to be diagnosed due to the perceived notion that severe period pain is ‘normal’.

“We’ve launched the Museum to drive awareness of the severe pain that so many women around the world experience. We hope that anyone who sees the #Painstories that live in the Museum feel heard and encouraged to seek help if they are experiencing pain themselves.”

Luciana de Azevedo Lara, Global Brand Communication Manager at Essity

“We’re so proud to launch such a powerful campaign with Essity – it truly is work that matters. Severe pain shouldn’t be endured, and we hope that by raising awareness it will ultimately help reduce diagnosis times and help women to feel understood and supported. If even one person comes away from viewing the Pain Museum and gets an earlier diagnosis for endometriosis, we will consider this campaign a huge success.”

Amber Organ, Practice Director, Ketchum