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The challenge…

Driving coverage in tech pages for Samsung mobile launches is never a problem. But when the brand came to us to launch a new mid-range phone to a 13-25 yo demographic, we knew they needed a fresh, culture-first approach. A campaign that would infiltrate the conversation and mindset of this younger audience – most of which are embedded in the Apple ecosystem – to encourage them to make the switch. 

The solution…

We identified one of the biggest trends for this audience was dance challenges on social. Particularly during lockdown, where 71% of this young demographic had been watching the latest dances on Instagram and TikTok. However, we discovered a tension. Despite dance growing in popularity, over a third of people were anxious about throwing shapes in public. And with lockdown starting to lift, this was the perfect time for Samsung to step in. We commissioned research to find this audience’s favourite dances on social and partnered with dance sensation, Perri Kiely, to upskill the nation on how to perfect the moves – and shoot them on the new Samsung A52 5G smartphone – so people would feel fit for the ‘gram and real-life dance-offs. 

The outcome…

Drove mass awareness for the Samsung A52 5G with 169 pieces of earned coverage and counting. 

73% of coverage secured in the lifestyle pages, cutting through to new audiences.

Samsung brand share of voice up by 3%. 

Perri’s Instagram post received more than 9,000 likes and comments – 12% higher than his average post performance. 

Perri’s Dance Upskills online workshop received 20% more views on the Samsung website than the benchmark.

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