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The Challenge

Pre-pandemic, Head&Shoulders briefed us to leverage its sponsorship of the 2020 UEFA Football Championships through the platform of bringing the nation together. Then world events drove us all apart and the tournament didn’t take place.

The Solution

Even though we couldn’t be supporters, we needed support more than ever; so we pivoted our campaign to remind the UK that despite the fact we’ve never been further apart, we’re all in this together. Our integrated campaign #ApartButTogether ran through the line, from social content, to a TV ad and brand partnership.

Debate always rages furiously about Head & Shoulders ambassador Claudia Winkleman’s fringe – mostly about how she can see through it at the best of times! Given the lack of hairdressing during lockdown, this fringe genuinely became out of control (as did many across the UK!). People were searching online for ‘how to cut my own fringe’, which resulted in some pretty questionable results; so Claudia bravely stepped up alongside her hairdresser George Northwood on a how-to guide.

It was a nerve-wracking moment – would we accidentally ruin the UK’s most famous fringe? Thankfully Claudia did a superb job – and the content was such a hit we followed it with an IG live weeks later, earning coverage across Red, Stylist, Grazia and Get the Gloss.

But fringes were only…well, the fringe of the problem. At the risk of us all ending lockdown with a mullet, we released a step by step video with barber Justin Carr on how to cut someone else’s hair, possibly saving a few relationships in the process.

We followed this up with content with England players Joe Gomez, Tammy Abraham, Keira Walsh & Leah Williamson talking with Arsenal TV host Nicole Holliday about how they keep a clear head – a nod to our cancelled sponsorship plans but also creating genuinely useful advice on how to battle mental health anxieties.

Adopting a lighter tone, we then encouraged the UK to take on a series of football challenges, spearheaded by our talent to alleviate the doom and gloom of life at home and show the positive impact of exercise on mental health.

All content was boosted with paid support, and integrated with the brand’s TV campaign which promoted the partnership with CALM and the importance of staying #ApartButTogether however works best for your life and mental state.

The Outcome

  • Our primary objective was to support those in need of a handhold during lockdown, working closely with CALM to extend their helpline to help an additional 14,375 people when they needed it most; overall the CALM helpline helped prevent 564 suicides in 2020.
  • Our helpful how-to guides had an organic social reach of over 200,000, with a YouTube reach of over 1.4 million in just six weeks. The completion rate on the content was a staggering 87.46%.
  • Our earned media coverage reached over 26 million people, with 100% positive sentiment, hard for any brand to achieve during such a tumultuous time.
  • On social, our assets reached 9.3m users. We increased followers YoY, with spikes during the time our content was live, proving that it really resonated across every channel.
  • Head & Shoulders became the #1 haircare brand for sales during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.


Q&A with Joe Gomez,Tammy Abraham,Leah Williamson & Keira Walsh here