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Ketchum TaSTIR

Feast your eyes on Ketchum TᾱSTIR, the latest offering from Ketchum Digital and the Food & Beverage Practice. TᾱSTIR produces hands-on food videos and other bites of snackable content that drive engagement and inspire audiences to purchase.

Ketchum TᾱSTIR uses analytics and audience analysis, social media and simple, powerful snackable videos to create deeper connections with our client’s customers. With TᾱSTIR, our clients gain enhanced targeting, more options and deep-rooted food expertise you can trust.

With Ketchum TᾱSTIR’s online video solution, food brands are able to entice and target niche consumers on their own channels like never before.

Key benefits include:

  • Upfront audience analysis
  • Target-specific placement
  • Social channel optimization via paid distribution
  • A fully equipped professional or consumer kitchen set
  • Food direction and styling
  • Award-winning shooting, production and broadcast expertise
  • Over 70 years of experience in the food industry

To learn more about how Ketchum TᾱSTIR can help your client stir-up conversations through snackable content, contact Kim Essex.