Become a Ketchum Intern. It’s Life Changing.

In order to go somewhere special, you need to start somewhere great. For aspiring college PR interns, that start is at Ketchum. Representing what it means to be a global firm with highly respected leadership, a celebrated culture, and the ability to always remain on the cutting edge of the industry, Ketchum holds firm to its position as a true industry leader.

When I was a student in college, I was introduced to Ketchum early-on thanks to an internship opportunity that allowed me to interview with several different PR firms. Of all of the agencies that I interviewed with, Ketchum stood out the most. The work that I would be doing there sounded particularly intriguing, the challenges provided for me seemed like they would educate me on how to enter the PR world, and the type of people that I would be working with appeared to be both friendly and mentor-like. Based on those key traits, Ketchum’s internship opportunity became the clear go-to choice for any student (such as myself) to intern at.

Unfortunately, I was unable to pursue an internship with Ketchum, but still kept the idea of working there alive in my head. Fast forward to three years after my graduation and working at an advertising agency, I began my job search again. Since I already knew about the ample benefits that an internship at Ketchum provided, I immediately thought about how valuable a full-time position there could be, so I applied for a job which eventually resulted in me obtaining the position I currently have at Ketchum today.

ketchum summer fellows

Ketchum interns outside of Good Morning America.

Now that Ketchum’s Summer Fellows Program is approaching, I want to reiterate the importance of how valuable this opportunity is towards starting a successful career in PR.

Ketchum’s Summer Fellows Program is a 10 week paid internship that offers a chance to play an active role within one of our various practice areas. The program for every office runs from June 2, 2014 through August 8, 2014, and you have to be available for the entire duration of the program. This is a 40 hour a week paid internship, so be ready to jump right in to agency life.

As a Fellow, you are immersed in the day-to-day happenings of the account team(s) and office activities. The program is structured in a way to provide Fellows with well-rounded hands on experiences, including participating in training opportunities, drafting press releases and pitching to assisting with fun events across the office. We also provide a variety of training opportunities throughout the duration of the program and you get the opportunity to work alongside some of the very best in the industry. Other than gaining amazing experience at a global agency, those seniors who demonstrate our core competencies and Ketchum values may have the opportunity to interview for full-time positions at the end of the program.

If you are interested, apply now as the deadline to apply the programs in our offices across North America is Thursday February 27, 2014. Click here to view our Summer Fellows opportunities and to apply. You can apply to any location of your choosing, and yes, you can apply to more than one opportunity. Best of luck on scoring this life changing opportunity, and I hope to see you this summer!

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