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Ketchum Influencer has developed a reliable and results-oriented approach that taps into the highly engaged relationships influencers have with their fans to create great content.

At the core of our approach to influencer marketing is the marriage of artful storytelling with the science of rigorous analytics. Your business objectives drive our influencer campaign design. And we always start with the target audience and then find the influencers – never the other way around.     

Getting the best work from the top influencers is where Ketchum’s team truly excels. Whether it’s working with the latest YouTube stars, Instagram personalities, science and health professionals, or even pet influencers, we tailor each program to achieve the highest performing content without hampering the influencers’ creative juices.

Working with Ketchum Influencer as your influencer marketing specialty means tapping into advanced analytics, paired with experience-based judgement and an award-winning track record. We determine who among that vast sea of names in the Influencer landscape has the trust and credibility to effectively influence your audience.

Services Include:

  • Building overarching influencer strategies to drive business objectives
  • Creating guidance for brands on how to manage influencer relations programs
  • Identifying and contracting influencers to create content or amplify a campaign or launch
  • Identifying and managing influencer rosters to create long term partnerships with brands
  • Measuring effectiveness of influencer campaigns and optimizing for best possible ROI