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Ketchum Game Plan

Because the Best Defense is a Good Offense. For sports fans, each year brings the hope and possibility of their team making history, but for sports properties and sponsors, it can also bring unexpected, highly visible issues and crises both on and off the field of play.

Crises in the sports world are often unique. Companies invest significantly to connect their brands to their consumers’ passion but, with greater visibility, comes increased reputational risks. These risks often manifest in the form of intense media scrutiny and heightened public interest.
Ketchum Game Plan provides a full range of crisis and reputation management services to handle the present, and prepare for what lies ahead. We support leagues, teams, venues and athletes, as well as the companies that sponsor them, with services that include:

  • Reputational vulnerability identification and prioritization
  • Media training
  • On-site response support
  • Worst-case scenario preparation
  • Strategies to mitigate impact
  • Counsel to mitigate fallout when sponsorship activities are criticized or spokesperson relationships face challenges