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You can go to Facebook or Twitter most any Friday and see in your newsfeed brand status updates that say TGIF or Ready for the Weekend. That update could have come from a car manufacturer, health & beauty brand, Medical Device or Fast Food Restaurant– anybody. Where is the brand voice there? Conversely, during this same scan you'll see dozens of branded updates about new hires, business wins, marketing speak and advertisements. Do you care about that information more?

While these are polar opposites in terms of engagement, they’re analagous in the sense that they lack a clear brand articulation that is both valuable for the brand as well as its desired audience. This challenge extends beyond just social to the brand's entire online presence. There is often a dichotomy between that which the brand wants to say and that which its stakeholders want to hear. The most successful clients give a human voice to their brand that strikes a balance between sharing a self-promotional update and sharing "TGIF." While many organizations can claim to own online engagement, PR is all about the message, and a brand's voice is the articulation of the message online.  

Ketchum Digital develops and defines voice for brands; We help brands target content to communities, affinities and cultures. Ketchum Digital is a full service digital offering across paid, earned and owned channels with award winning teams focused on marketing success across the web, social, search, creative and content arenas.