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Influencers by Permission

Influencers impact business when they bring people together, change a perception, take action, pass a bill or turn public trust on a topic or brand. While there are plenty of paid influencers in today’s social media-saturated marketplace, it is impossible to purchase brand trust or completely control the story. Companies must be poised to find common ground within their customers, stakeholders and partners through earned influence to achieve the reputation they desire.

As natural disasters, shootings, data breaches, sexual harassment and fake news permeate headlines, brands must invest in long-term reputation to help earn permission for whatever they want to do, sell or be. Earned public permission comes in many forms: media, dialogue, thought leadership, employee morale and culture, regulatory permission, influence.

Ketchum Influencers by Permission provides a new framework for building reputation in an age of transparency and empowered stakeholders, so that organizations can understand their reputation… and improve it.

  • We identify and map Influencers by finding your Direct Decision Makers (DDMs), those people who have a direct impact on business decisions. We also determine your eVangelists: the people who create buzz in your sector and control conversation on- and off-line.
  • Using proprietary screening and research tools, we measure the reputation of a brand, an issue, or products and services.
  • Ketchum conducts Auditing and Listening Tours and create experiences for Influencers to be part of so that they can come to their own conclusions on an issue or a reputation.
  • Finally, we help tell your story through events, thought leadership and earned media.