How Tumblr Can Impact SEO

In addition to being a bit of a nerd (which they say is the new black), I’m also a long-time blogger.

My latest blog project is a fashion blog and I’ve had a lot of fun building out the site and creating somewhat of a community. And yes, a guy can have/run a fashion blog.

Anyway, a while back I accidently discovered how Tumblr could impact SEO after one of the blog posts was shared on Tumblr, and then reblogged 40+ times. If you aren’t familiar with SEO, having something republished by way of a link is a good thing, and having it done 40-plus times is a really good thing.

The post was optimized for a particular keyword, and after the Tumblr reblogs cycled through, the post received a Google search rank of 1 for the specified keywords.

This is kind of a big deal since my little fashion blog now outranks a major brands website. I’m not in the game of doing any of that dirty black hat SEO stuff, and as I stated, this was 100% accidental as almost every action, outside of the keywords in the post, was completely out of my control.

But the question is, how is this relevant to you or your business? Well, if you are involved in any sort of social media contests, this could add a new layer of promotion that could also positively impact SEO.

Here’s a bit more on that from a guest blog post I wrote on

For this Tumblr example, my immediate thinking is that this could alter the way bloggers, or anyone wanting to promote a specific webpage, run contests.

Currently a lot of people who do giveaways focus on email entries, comment entries, Facebook entries, and Twitter entries. The time may now have come for Tumblr to be part of that game. If you want a high search engine rank for Widget X, using Tumblr to have a link reblogged time and time again will add significant influence to a specific page and its keywords.”

If you’d like to learn more about my accidental findings, click here to read the full blog post on ProBlogger.
SEO isn’t something that makes sense to everyone, but I feel as though this is a concrete example that shows exactly how search can be impacted by good/popular content.