How President Biden’s First 100 Days Will Affect Your Organization’s Communications Approach

Inauguration Day marked a change in our country’s leadership, and with it the promise of several swift policy transformations.

Within hours of taking office President Biden took immediate action on several issues from pandemic management to social justice to environmental policy. The changes announced today, and those still anticipated, will have a dramatic impact on individuals and corporations alike, putting executives in a position to make decisions on how to navigate the policy changes and signal to key stakeholders how they’ll handle things like vaccination protocols, safe workplace conditions, labor rights, political donations, employee activism in a politically charged climate and so much more.

Communicators will be on the front line to help their organization navigate this transition and communicate to internal and external stakeholders, including knowing when and how to speak out, about which issues and with what tone.

Our leaders specializing in Corporate Reputation, Issues & Crisis, Public Affairs, Purpose and Employee Communications & Engagement gathered their thoughts on the most pressing issues your organization should prepare for now that a transition of power has taken place. Our communications and reputation experts are here to help scenario plan and pressure test your current plans. Reach out to us to get started.


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Corinne has nearly 20 years’ experience in brand marketing and corporate communications. In this time, she has developed and executed award-winning communications campaigns for a diverse group of retail, home and food brands/companies including: ConAgra Brands, J.M. Smucker Company, Lowe’s, Sears Holdings Corporation, Serta, Target and Whirlpool Corporation. Corinne’s unique blend of brand marketing and corporate communications expertise has proven invaluable when trying to bring two sides of an organization together as one cohesive unit. In addition, and a true passion area for her, Corinne has had the opportunity to be intimately involved in helping her clients identify their higher-order purpose to better align and activate new or existing corporate causes.

Having served in both agency and in-house corporate communications roles, she understands the day-to-day challenges her clients face and therefore can provide a unique perspective to her clients and teams. She is skilled at helping simplify communications, cutting through the clutter, and creating a pathway to faster and more meaningful results. Beyond building powerhouse teams and fostering great client partnerships, Corinne is best known for challenging the status quo and creating breakthrough programs that drive scale through effective use of paid, earned, shared and owned media channels.

Corinne is married to her high-school sweetheart and together they have three beautiful children.