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Engaging GenZennials

Ketchum has identified and named a new microgeneration, GenZennials – the influential blend of older Gen Z to younger millennials, bridging the two generations.

Marketers and communicators have long been focused on millennials, making them the most studied generation ever. More recently though, they’ve begun to age out of the spotlight as marketers have turned their attention to the younger set, Gen Z, with their data-enabled minds and global perspective.

And yes – there are significant differences between these two influential generations. However, instead of looking at how they differ, Ketchum is refocusing on a new, like-minded microgeneration: GenZennials.

What makes GenZennials stand out?

  • GenZennials are millennials born after 1992 and members of Gen Z born in 2000. This cohort has more in common with each other than with the upper or lower range of their respective demographics.
  • There are 39 million GenZennials aged 16-24 in the U.S. today, 12% of the population. There are slightly more GenZennial men than women.
  • GenZennials are the current coming-of-age cohort united by important firsts: learning to drive, getting a credit card, buying their first car, going to college, getting their first apartment and starting a full-time job.

Through work for clients that include Hyundai and Wendy’s, Ketchum is already targeting this in-demand microgeneration.

Related services include:

  • GenZennial Engage – Workshop to zero in on the GenZennial cohort and develop authentic messaging.
  • StoryWorks + Short Cuts – StoryWorks is a modern-day news room where content such as copy, memes, graphics and video are created in response to what is trending in real-time. Short Cuts is original video content targeted to GenZennials and created within 24-48 hours in response to what is trending in real-time.
  • GenZennial Influence(r) – Tools that identify influencers specific to GenZennials and the brand category, combined with management of the influencer relationship and authentic content that resonates with your audience.
  • GenZennial READY – Message development and media training to prepare GenZennial-age employees to be spokespersons or prepare executives to connect with GenZennial employees or the GenZennial cohort.
  • GenZennial Media – Comprehensive communications audit and counsel on relevant earned and paid media strategies.

Coming soon – The Next-gen Guide to the Connected Ride.
Pre-register on the upper right of this page to receive Ketchum’s upcoming study on how GenZennials view the future of transportation. The study focuses on how this coming-of-age cohort views everything from the significance of driving and owning a car to self-driving vehicles and flying cars.