Digital Tweets from Ketchum Peeps – Nov. 4

Truth is, I’ve been sick all week. So, to get back in the loop, I’ve turned to my Ketchum colleagues’ tweets.

From what I can see, we’ve had a big week. We’ve seen how a lobster restaurant utilizes Foursquare for free advertising (and doubles their sales at the launch of their new location), we’ve got some insight into the best liked and most commented on Facebook pages (here’s a preview of the top four: Jesus Daily, The Bible, Dios Es Bueno! and Justin Beiber), and thanks to Google integrating YouTube with Google+, going on a date is way less intrusive than ever before (because you can now video-chat and watch a movie with YouTube on Google+ at the same time).

Here are the rest of the highlights from this week. Happy Friday!

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By @merrittpr “Facebook’s Best Liked And Most Commented On Pages

By @andreafuller1 “Here is a really great story on a biz using #Foursquare effectively Luke’s Lobster uses Foursquare for free advertising”

By @andradamorar “Giving A Kick-A_ _ Presentation In The Age Of Social Media via @FastCompany #presentationskills #messaging #in”

By @jonathankopp “The bigger picture in the web/tech war. Way beyond the current obsession w/ the social network horserace. @nprnews”

By @ryanshell “Google integrates YouTube with Google+. Details”