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Ketchum performed global research, and guess what? Not only are we in the middle of an economic crisis, there also exists a leadership crisis. People appear disappointed with their leaders, whether it concerns ministers or executives. The main cause? They do not communicate properly.

Difficult times require leaders that act decisively: who remain calm, take decisive action and give good examples. But also: leaders that communicate adequately. ‘What are we going to do, and why are we going to do it this way?’

In order to do this, an inspirational story is required. What do you stand for, where are you from, and where are you heading? A story that functions within the organization, but also in the market and from a societal viewpoint. Ketchum aids brands and CEOs in building such a story. And to tell it properly, over and over again. During an interviews with a critical reporter, at internal meetings, in the communication with stakeholders, in a campaign.

Having a good story in one thing. But in order for it to help you achieve a leading position, it has to be heard and recognized. Therefore, Ketchum assists its clients in creating platforms and relationships. So that they are able to tell their story on the right moment on the right stage, leading to others citing the story. That’s the way to effectuate leadership.