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Ketchum’s dedication to employee learning continues to translate into value for our clients. As account teams servicing and counseling our clients become more refined PR practitioners, they create programs that are increasingly fresh, creative and effective for our clients. We believe that employee learning is an investment worth making, and we continue to raise the bar we have set as the industry leader in this category.

Beginning in 2010, through the merger of Ketchum and Pleon, the combined library of knowledge and expertise is greatly expanded. Through our corporate learning services, named Ketchum University, the agency retains and invests in the industry’s best talent by providing learning and development that helps employees grow professionally and achieve great results for our clients.

The University curriculum features a wide variety of learning programs that are conducted as local seminars and global sessions. Courses are offered on topics ranging from leadership and business development  to core business skills like media strategy and creativity. Activities are highly interactive, enhancing collaboration and drawing on the strengths of course participants while distributing knowledge and best practices throughout our global network. What's more, registration and course enrollment for learning and development programs are conducted via an online learning management system and personal learning profiles that provide a record of course completion.

Recognized as one of the pre-eminent training experiences among global communications firms, Camp Ketchum is designed to teach our company’s next generation of leaders cutting-edge thinking in our profession, to engage them in a real world competitive experience and to reinforce our culture of collaboration.

Camp Ketchum is intended to be a transformational experience. It is an opportunity to be:

  • First to learn and shape new models Ketchum is developing as we continue to drive innovation
  • First in a highly competitive program that pits teams against each other to win a real-life global client challenge
  • First to truly understand the awesome power of our collaborative culture and relationships as they develop real time

The most recent Camp Ketchum was the largest ever, with 83 Campers from 15 countries and 36 different offices. The globally diverse group was joined in Mont Tremblant, Canada by 31 counselors and Ketchum’s Executive Committee.

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