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Public Affairs

Thanks to social media and other “flattening” technologies, individual ideas can galvanize into movements. Heroes can become villains. And policy issues can capture international attention, travelling the globe practically overnight.

As the global financial crisis clearly demonstrated, business, government and consumers are more interconnected than ever. In this new 21st century reality, communications strategies must harmonize these three constituencies. 

Our comprehensive approach is designed to reach, inform and persuade those who influence public policy and, by extension, the success of a brand, product, or a company’s freedom to operate. Ketchum’s Public Affairs counselors bring decades of experience to manage complex legislative, regulatory, and reputational opportunities and challenges they face today. We come from the executive and legislative branches of government, from “old” and “new” media, and from corporations, trade associations and NGOs.

From Brussels to Beijing, we keep our clients informed about key legislative and regulatory developments. We help them “see around the corner” to prepare for what may come. And we engage the most credible advocates to help build consensus, inform opinion, and stake out leadership positions on critical issues of the day. Simply stated, we design and execute national and international PR campaigns that win.

Overview of Services

  • Media Relations
  • Ally Development and Influencer Engagement
  • Digital and Social Advocacy
  • Coalition Building
  • Opinion Research
  • Issue Advertising
  • Issues and Crisis Management
  • Communications Training