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Marketing to Women

Today's women have emerged as a more powerful consumer force than ever before. They now control $3.3 trillion in consumer spending, are responsible for 80% of household buying, control more than 50% of the wealth in the U.S., make 62% of all car purchases and take more than 50% of all business trips.

Yet many marketers fail to fully recognize and reach them, treating women as a niche instead of drivers of purchase decisions. Moreover, connecting to women and, especially, the critical demographic of women aged 25-54, grows increasingly challenging. This is because the average woman in this group mentally juggles a constant mix of career, family and self-care decisions at any one moment.

To help companies overcome these challenges and enable their products and services to break through the clutter to reach women, Ketchum's Brand Marketing Practice has developed a first-of-its-kind offering targeted to this group. Ketchum's Women 25to54 offers a four-phase communications program that fulfills an unmet need in the marketplace to reach today's super-consumer: the 25-54-year-old woman. Based on a new female-consumer concept that Ketchum defines as "multi-minding," Women 25to54 delivers credible messaging that quickly and completely connects to this critical consumer audience.

Today's Multi-Minding Woman
What is "multi-minding"? It is the perpetual state of mind for today's typical 25-54-year-old woman, who must constantly deal with the multiple dimensions of her life, whether she's sorting out a work project, helping with a child's school project or even relaxing in front of a TV show. At any one moment, she is thinking about choices related to career, household, spousal, motherhood and personal responsibilities. Consequently, these women have moved from "multi-tasking" to a new level of activity - "multi-minding." As a result, these women have little time for commercial messages.

Ketchum has created the Women 25to54 offering to precisely address this challenge. Building on a history of capturing media attention for some of the world"s foremost brands and branded products, Ketchum's marketing and communications specialists break through to multi-minding 25-54-year-old women with a four-phase program that identifies, creates, disseminates and reinforces credible messaging for today's multi-minding women:

  • "What Really Matters" Credibility Index: The first phase concisely and accurately identifies the messages and messengers that will quickly and credibly resonate with multi-minding women.
  • "Quick-Connect" Messaging: The second phase creates "bite-sized," repeatable messaging for women by employing Ketchum's Quick-Connect Message Map.
  • "E-Surround" Programming: The third phase determines the right mix of editors, experts, equals, and entertainment marketing outlets to target with communications containing messages that blend with women's lifestyles and surround women with credible information.
  • Consistent Confirmation: In the final phase, post-program activities reinforce purchasing decisions and drive word-of-mouth endorsements.