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Welcome to the Ketchum Dallas page of Ketchum's Web site.

If you're a citizen of the Lone Star state, you already know the pride of keeping promises and deep commitment to excellence that are inherent in Texas culture. If you're visiting from another part of the world, you may think of Texas as a land of cactus and cowboys.

In reality, we're the booming business hub of the Southwestern U.S. that encompasses many of the country's largest or fastest-growing cities, including Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Texas is home to many Fortune 100 firms and too many high-tech companies to count.

Our client list is as diverse as the history and people of Texas. Our goal is to support great companies with great public relations. Doing this also allows us to provide great people with great careers. I would enjoy the opportunity to tell you more about Ketchum Dallas, the smartest and most creative public relations shop in the Southwest.