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Combining Innovation with a Midwestern Work Ethic. This is the hallmark of Ketchum Chicago.

Ketchum Chicago operates under the principle that Ideas and Execution are equally important to our clients’ success.

Our Chicago office thrives on growing new ideas here in one of America’s brightest innovation hubs.  We approach new ideas with a no-nonsense look at how break through thinking can lead to simpler and more practical solutions. 

Clients choose to work with our Midwest office because they recognize that great results come from a relentless focus on execution.  We handle our clients’ most difficult communication problems by clearly focusing on the business objective and working tirelessly until we achieve superior results.

When you work with Ketchum Chicago, you get a team trained to apply innovation against the toughest challenges your business, customers, and stakeholders face.

Ketchum Chicago is comprised of the following practice and specialty areas:


Made up of a team of passionate brand enthusiasts, the Midwest brand practice prides itself on delivering breakthrough creative that inspires consumers to engage with and buy your brand.  And, speaking of brands, we work with some really great ones including: Healthy Choice, Chef Boyardee, Kleenex, Cottonelle, US Cellular and Sharpie, just to name a few.


The Midwest.  Home to corn and cattle, swine and soy and many iconic food brands.  Ketchum Midwest is built to serve the increasingly diverse needs of the food and farm interests from reputation management to brand marketing to advocacy development.  Ketchum has a long-history in the food industry, has deep roots in agriculture and is breaking the mold on communications, influencer development and marketing in the food and agriculture space.


The Midwest is home to many established, highly reputable Fortune 500 companies, covering countless industries; from banking and financial to insurance of every kind, from manufacturing to travel and transportation, from retail to healthcare.  The Ketchum Midwest corporate / healthcare practice is uniquely positioned and staffed – with a deliberate cross-industry expertise and a keen sensitivity to the market – to help these great Midwestern-based companies deliver on the corporate reputation promises made to and expectations held by their shareholders, their customers, and their internal people.  From Wall Street to Main Street and back.

Integrated Media

The Integrated Media group is comprised of media strategists in ALL types of media, from social to traditional, who provide comprehensive media counsel for all programs.  Our strategists are obsessed with media and use that passion to give strategic guidance on leveraging the newest tools and technology as well as the necessary details to operate effectively in the evolving media ecosystem.

These practices and specialists work together to bring our clients the end to end service they demand with creative and strategy that is uniquely Ketchum. Whether as a client or a future colleague, we hope you will join us.