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Cyber RepProtect

If a cyber incident happened today, how prepared would you be to manage the response in real time to your stakeholders—customers, shareholders, consumers, board of directors, media, employees?

When a hack or data breach happens, how an organization manages the response is now scrutinized as closely as the incident itself. This scrutiny can have a lasting impact on corporate reputation, the organization’s leadership and the business itself.

This elevated reputational risk associated with managing a cyber incident goes far beyond the IT department in ways that demand deep skills in corporate reputation and crisis communications to address the debate, initiate the dialog and prevent the rapid spread of often-inaccurate information online and offline.

We employ a three-pronged reputation management approach for cyber threat preparation, event response and reputation recovery. Among the tools we use are:

  • Vulnerability/Liability/Stakeholder Audit and Assessment
  • Reputation Threat Profile Assessment
  • Stakeholder Expectation Audit (which tackles the task of resolving the often-conflicting disclosure expectations of different stakeholders)

If you believe the time is right for you to analyze your current level of preparedness, develop a plan of action, or respond to an impending need, please contact us.