Creating Movements and Cause Marketing Dreams Can Come True

One of the greatest experiences a panel moderator can have is when a panel of leading thinkers are so lively and so in tune with each other that the conversation flows naturally and panelists are naturally informative and entertaining for an audience. This was my experience during Ketchum’s recent “Respect the Internet II” conference, where our panel on “Movements and Marketers” was an absolute delight to moderate because of the panelists’ expertise and personality.  
My goal with the panel was to explore the fundamentals of movements and what impacts technology has had, and hasn’t had, on how movements gain traction. By understanding those fundamentals, marketers can have a better filter or screen to see if their initiatives line up with what makes a movement so powerful. 
Mark Horvath, founder of, a blog that gives a face to the homeless, captured this experience in a recent article for the Huffington Post, where he harnessed his intelligence and inspiration that he unleashed on the audience during the panel. It’s a great read, and if you haven’t watched a video of the panel, do so now in this article, too!