How COVID-19 Is Accelerating America’s Tech Gap

Findings point to long-lasting consequences for both tech industry and society

COVID-19 is shining a light on the inequities in our society – and technology is no exception.

Ketchum’s recent Brand Reckoning 2020 study showcases two inflection points that divide changing feelings about technology. Faced with the current pandemic, people in higher-income households (making $100,000 a year or more) feel much more positively about technology in their lives than people living in middle- or lower-income households. There is a split between how millennials/Gen Z feel about technology versus Gen X and Baby Boomers. Americans aged 40 and older are anxious about the impact of technology in the COVID-19 world in much greater proportions than younger generations.

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Discover more details about the study findings and implications in our recent blog posting and supporting infographic.

Uncover More About Consumer Personas

Consumers today are coping with a crisis culture brought about by COVID-19 and social justice issues. Results reveal dramatic shifts in consumer perception and behavior that brands need to understand. Read the Brand Reckoning 2020 press release. Discover recent client work showing brands moving forward as they navigate disruption.

Explore the Social Permission and Technology Study

According to Ketchum’s second annual Social Permission and Technology Study, two-thirds (66%) of consumers surveyed are worried about data privacy, which is the exact same percentage as those concerned about data security. One of the primary reasons for their anxiety is they don’t fully understand, nor do they trust, what you are doing with their data. And – sooner, rather than later – they will demand you tell them all about it.

Dive deeper by reading our POV on how COVID-19 has impacted technology and social permission and by getting to know the Technology Sandwich Generation, an especially stressed population of parents with children under 18 who also assist their own aging parents with technology. 

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