For years health insurers have argued they can play a bigger role in consumers’ health.

The challenge: consumers haven’t seen – or accepted – health insurers as organizations they trust to deliver on their health challenges. The 2020 global pandemic is changing everything. In a new survey of nearly 4,000 Americans conducted by Ketchum in June, we see consumer perceptions and expectations shifting, and their desired role of insurers changing.

Health insurers benefitted from the quick actions they took early in the pandemic – with 67% of Americans saying their opinion of health insurance companies has improved. This reputation halo reveals consumers are open to health insurers playing a bigger role in their health. But, let’s be honest, consumers don’t naturally trust health insurers. To sustain this shift, action is needed to maintain momentum and build brand reputation.

Watch the recording of Perception Shift client panel discussion to:

  • Learn how proactive communications strategies can demonstrate the extent to which insurers help improve access to care and health outcomes
  • Detail how to earn permission from consumers to go further to improve their health, while delivering on the core commitment to cost and access
  • Explore new data that shows consumers view their mental health and well-being as directly connected to their physical health — and how health insurers can offer tangible solutions and programs to meet the evolving whole health needs of all those they serve


Kelly Calabria

Kelly Calabria
Managing Director, Health Services


Jill Becher

Jill Becher
Vice President, Public Relations
Anthem, Inc.


David Kochman

David Kochman
Vice President, Communications
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina


Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson
Director, Public Affairs
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey


  • Observations and insights around how consumers’ perceptions and expectations have changed since the start of this public health crisis
  • Examples on how three leading health insurance organizations have built always-on, data-driven reputation efforts that helped them build on the changes caused by COVID-19
  • Ideas for how to revisit and repackage announcements and initiatives to maintain the momentum and continue to demonstrate value


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Read more from our moderator about how insurers can take advantage of this opportunistic environment for building corporate reputation. Check out our research overview for insurers and summary of Ketchum’s Reputation Maturity Model assessment tool to help define how you can benchmark where you are as an organization.

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