COVID Has Shifted Employee Priorities at Work

COVID concerns are dramatically upending employee priorities. And it’s redefining how they behave, what they value and the kinds of employee communications and engagement that work.

Work Shift 2020: How Crisis Culture is Changing the Priorities of the American Workforce categorizes U.S. employees by how their attitudes and values are affected by the COVID crisis.

Nearly two-thirds of American workers (63%) say the COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to dramatically reevaluate their professional priorities. Reflecting significant shifts from just a few months ago, employees say they now favor such criteria as personal health, workplace safety and company values over traditional benchmarks like salary and career advancement.

The results reveal dramatic shifts that brands need to understand. In addition, Ketchum showed that employees can be divided into four distinct types.

How has the crisis culture changed employees? How is this driving a redefinition of the workplace? What should companies do to reengage employees returning to work?

Learn more about our employee survey, employee personas and Ketchum’s new workforce diagnostic tool

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Tamara Norman
Partner/Managing Director, Employee Communications & Engagement
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Lauren Butler
Managing Director, Employee Communications & Engagement
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