Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We live in a world where corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now assumed to be a table-stake. Increasingly, CSR programs are expected to be hot-wired into a company’s business, transparent, and show measureable, reportable results while addressing a true societal need.  Yet scrutiny is more intense than ever.  Critics can exploit even the smallest misstep to attack the very foundations of a firm.

Through all these changes, our creative, award-winning CSR programs have helped connect companies to their stakeholders in positive, powerful and meaningful ways.  From defining a CSR focus and designing a complete CSR program to identifying potential NGO partners and communicating progress, our global team of experts has partnered with companies of all sizes and CSR needs.  Around the world, across an array of sectors, we help clients foster a better understanding of their true character and their commitment to those touched by their operations.

Designing a CSR program and effectively communicating its successes is a delicate balancing act. We’ve managed to help clients strike the right note between over-promotion and under-communication.