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Your brand needs to grow, so you want to reach out to new audiences. But what makes them tick? And how do you make your value visible to them? Ketchum helps brands to conquer new markets. By making them relevant for new target groups, and by building sound relationships with stakeholders.

Ketchum is originally a PR agency. Our people are, therefore, naturally on top of actuality, societal developments and trends. They know what it is that drives target groups, but also how to target them specifically. These insights come in handy when you are planning to (accurately) make your brand relevant for new market segments and target audiences.

Our approach never aims at just one discipline. We believe in an integrated approach, aimed at market, organisation and environment. Since, if you take new steps, on often uncharted territory, you have to proceed smartly. From one innovative idea, but using a wide impact.

As an international and full-service communication agency, like no other, we possess the network and the skills to support you in extending your brand. Do you want to achieve growth by going abroad as a Dutch company? Or perhaps you are concerned with the first important steps on the Dutch market. Ketchum coordinates globally the marketing, PR, social media activities, stakeholder relationships and sales trainings for many of our clients