Communication Expertise

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Environment Scan – Competitive – policy – local stakeholders – investors – media tracking

Build the Corporate Brand – Understand the business and industry challenges – Strategic communication objectives – Corporate positioning

Brand and Marketing Communications– Creating Brand Association Strategy – Managing Brand properties – Brand Ambassadors – Brand connects to customers

Manage M&A and Restructuring Communication– Strategic approach to preserve and build value – potential issues – consistency of communication to different stakeholders

Financial Communications – Capital markets communication strategy – peer group analysis – repositioning for fair value

Crisis Communications– Crisis communications planning – simulated scenarios and crisis management training – 24 x 7 crisis handling – reputation rehabilitation

Media Relations – Targeted media penetration across business – lifestyle – general: TV, print and online media in English and Regional languages

Raise Capital– Event and transaction specific communications for new Funds offers – IPOs – FPOs – Rights issues – FCCBs – global listings

Corporate Philanthropy and Citizenship Initiatives– Social capital planning – program aligned to business, brand and stakeholder objectives – Social capital accounting and sustainability reporting

Reach Governments – Create public opinion – Advocacy programs – Public Private Partnerships for social projects

Launch a New Product or Brand– High salience in target markets – Managing negative customer feedback – Success stories

Diversity into a New Brand Category– Aligning corporate image to new product category – media and customer affiliation program – new stakeholder relationhips

Build a New Brand Category – Concept selling to media and customers – influencing policy – industry leadership – high salience for new product/service

Attract Human Resources – Creating a winning employer brand – industry growth potential

Online Reputation Management– Building enduring online reputations – managing threats to online reputation

Training– Media skills – investor presentation skills – objective setting for public relations & investor relations

Market Your Expertise– Thought leadership through opinion trends, research, testimonials and business success