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CEO Accelerator

In their first days and weeks on the job, new CEOs face great opportunities – and great risks. We know what an enormous investment a new CEO is for a company. To help maximize a new CEO’s effectiveness from the start, Ketchum developed the unique communication program, CEO Accelerator.

CEO Accelerator enhances the return on the CEO investment. We make sure he or she communicates the right messages. To the right audiences.  And with the right channels to achieve your organization’s goals.

Drawing on a spectrum of Ketchum practices and specialties, the program helps new CEOs identify, prioritize and engage with the stakeholders that matter most to their business. Our structured process includes:

  • Key stakeholder analysis and prioritization
  • Issues monitoring and assessment
  • Leadership message development
  • Communications skills workshop
  • Strategic communications planning
  • Tactical execution support
  • Program monitoring and measurement

We’ve worked with a wide range of CEOs from all over the world. With our guidance, their unique leadership styles and personalities become strategic assets – for their first 100 days and for the months and years to follow.