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Pain Museum

With more and more brands tackling taboos in the female hygiene category, it was vital that Bodyform continually finds new ways to be meaningful.


Brand DNA: Bodyform is committed to normalizing conversations about periods. 

Audience insight: 176 million women globally suffer from endometriosis, and for many, excruciating pain is a part of their lives. It affects one in 10 women but takes an average of 7.5 years to be diagnosed due to the perceived notion that severe period pain is ‘normal’. 

Truth of the moment: Research from the brand showed there is a ‘gender pain gap’, with over 40% of those with endometriosis having given up or lost a job because of it. 

Strategic intent: 

Close the gender pain gap, one story at a time – by offering a new way to express and articulate pain. 

Creative idea: 

Ketchum London created the world’s first Pain Museum. But with all physical spaces closed during the pandemic we went digital and created a virtual space taking the viewer on an interactive journey, exploring real descriptions of pain through moving artworks, interviews and stories. 


In the first two weeks of the Pain Museum’s virtual doors opening, we’ve seen over 5000 visitors to the #Painstories page. Secured 130+ pieces of coverage across consumer, trade and digital including hitting the pages of Glamour, Huffington Post, Cosmo and Metro. Total reach of 172+ million. 


Jacinta De Deckere

Healthcare Lead, Brand & Corporate Reputation


Content creation

Creative ideation


Health awareness

Influencer marketing