Break Through Buzz: Adidas Banks on Originals

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

This kid's momI Want to Be This Kid’s Mom
Selected by Abby Lovett

This kid reminded me to GET OUT OF THE OFFICE and start looking around for inspiration. He was open-minded enough to observe why the design of an oak tree works – and then apply it to his science fair work. Love it. A good example for us all to follow.

treat like kidWhen It’s Good to Treat Someone Like a Kid
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

One of Reddit’s most popular subreddits is Explain Like I’m Five, which features redditors boiling down complex topics – politics, economics, philosophy, science – into simple language. Reddit has now spun this concept off into its first Web series, which features hosts explaining Nietzsche, the Syrian crisis and the stock market to actual five-year-olds. It’s not only a great example of how to take an existing property and translate it into a new medium for a wider audience – it also demonstrates the effectiveness of clear, simple communication in a fresh and engaging way.

30 passion30 Cases of Passions Run Wild
Selected by Petra Sammer

As communications professionals with busy schedules, it’s often hard to find time for a ‘passion project’ that doesn’t relate to work. This article reminds us of the importance of working on side projects and how a creative hobby can actually improve what we produce in the office.

adidasAdidas Banks on Originals, Unites Millennials 
Selected by Amy Andrieux

I find that I always draw inspiration from stark realities – bold snapshots of real life that tie a community together. Adidas (client) Originals’ latest offering, “Unite Originals,” celebrates that sentiment, while tapping into what it means to be a millennial and how we do what we do. And they are dead on! In less than a month, their 150-second commercial has garnered over 1.75 million views, and it doesn’t hurt that A-trak gets a cameo, too.

bailing beerBailing Out Buddies for Beer
Selected by Markus Fischer

This video for the current Carlsberg campaign, ‘Standing up for a Friend,” is emotional, engaging storytelling at its best! I love how they use familiar narrative elements from gangster movies and adapt them to mislead protagonist and viewer alike. I became a Carlsberg Facebook fan immediately – and I don’t even drink alcohol.