Break Through Buzz: Spoiler Alert

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

spoiler altertA Next-Level Spoiler Alert
Selected by Hayley McLaughlin

What it is:
For those who hate online spoilers, this one’s for you. Netflix ingeniously created a filter program to help fans of the show Breaking Bad avoid spoilers from each week’s episode on Twitter. ‘Spoiler Foiler’ blocks all Tweets with the words ‘breaking’ or ‘bad’ from appearing on the user’s feed.

Why it’s break through:
Many users love Netflix because they understand their audience (not to mention the affordability and accessibility of their TV shows and movies). With this filter, the brand actively demonstrates its concern for its users by helping them combat an issue that plagues many who use their service while they wait for the current season of Breaking Bad to make it to Netflix.

where you areHow Where You Are Affects What You Do
Selected by Karen Strauss

What it is:
According to this blog post, the physical objects in your office psychologically affect your work and morale, with profound effects on your productivity.

What makes it break through: These tips demonstrate the fact that you become what you surround yourself with – and show that, counterintuitively, even your ‘bad’ office habits can actually help your work.

street operaOperas Composed by the Man on the Street
Selected by Shirley Symister

What it is:
As a part of Quebec’s Festival d’Opera, Canadian French-language TV network TFO created a 12-note ‘Living Piano.’ Each singer wore a bracelet that buzzed when the right key was hit, prompting them to sing their note.

What makes it break through:
Aware of the tough economic times, the TFO brought their talent to the people rather than waiting for the people to come to them. The ‘Living Piano’ showcased the true talent of opera signing and its ability to effectively entertain, allowing park-goers to experience opera in a new way.

science46 Reasons Science Is Awesome
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

What it is:
Science World, a museum in Vancouver, is famous in the area for its boundary-pushing ads and PR stunts designed to entice people through its doors; this post compiles an amazing 46 of them.

What makes it break through:
These ads effectively turn the museum inside out by unleashing its spirit of science-minded mischief out in the real world. Each example presents a delightful creative tactic of its own, all of which ladder up to the museum’s insight that science is everywhere – and it’s fun.

bird pooDoes This Mean Each Bird Is a Toner Cartridge?
Selected by Elena Weinstein

What it is:
Spanish artist Fabrizio Lamoncha uses bird excrement to create a highly unique form of typography. This ‘printer,’ powered by bird poop, produces an interpretation of the Latin alphabet by configuring birds’ cages so that their droppings create letter shapes.

What makes it break through:
While this form of art may not be the most highly sought after in an auction hall, the artist shows ingenuity and creativity by transforming something widely known as useless into something utilitarian and display-worthy. Lamoncha’s impulse to convert waste into a tool for art exemplifies the kind of open-mindedness that produces break through campaigns.