Break Through Buzz: Do It Again, But Different This Time

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

photo 1This Is One Way to Keep Magazines Alive…
Selected by Brian Keenan

Microsoft put free T-Mobile wi-fi hotspots in subscriber issues of Forbes magazine. Once activated, the magazine provided free wi-fi for 15 days. Interesting way to connect print with digital.

photo 2Do Not Like
Selected by Maria Simson

This bold new campaign from UNICEF Sweden identifies a general dislike of a well-known social media tactic (“liking” x to get y). While some digital strategists might disagree with the claim that a like has no value, it’s a thought-provoking way to help social media users translate awareness into action.

photo 3Stockholm’s Homeless Write Their Own Résumés
Selected by Charlotte Haigh

To combat a 22-percent drop in sales of Situation Stockholm, a magazine sold by the city’s homeless, the publication created a series of posters showing the “résumés” of its homeless salespeople. This moving campaign garnered a great deal of attention among consumers and the media, increasing sales by 101.5 percent the month after it launched. A nice example of using creativity to support a worthy cause.

photo 4Still Babies After All These Years
Selected by Anne Mathieu

Bottled water brand Evian has featured healthy babies moving and dancing in their ads for 15 years, building its brand positioning on trust, health, natural benefits and quality. The brand’s newest video takes the concept to new heights and shows that a successful platform can be extended to live a long life – the new video has already been seen 42 million times.

photo 5Admit It, You Want to See Them
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

Readers of the Onion know that its absurd comedy serves as a Trojan horse for social and political commentary – and the same holds true for this ridiculous piece called “74 Normal Photos And Two Kinda Weird Ones.” Did I click 76 times in order to get to the bottom of it? You bet. Even though the Onion meant it as a parody of silly Buzzfeed-style lists, the truth shines through: You can never go broke by bluntly, shamelessly exploiting human curiosity.

photo 6All Hail This Video!
Selected by Amy Andrieux

One Sentence: Using classic New York cab-hailing moments to convince us why the city’s Smartphone Hail App is not only necessary, but kind of late = Awesome.

photo 7Seeing-Eye People
Selected by Abby Lovett

This campaign from comedy group Improv Everywhere got my attention initially because it’s hilarious – and, while unbranded, it got me thinking about funny ‘everyday moments’ that can be tapped into on behalf of brands.