Break Through Buzz: Beauty on the Web

Break Through Buzz is the creative stuff that impressed Ketchum’s creative community this week. Check out what captured our imaginations and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of possibility.

Google artCan Google Be Art?
Selected by Jeff Lewonczyk

If the Web was suddenly rearranged by an obsessive team of decorators, it might resemble the strangeness and beauty of ‘I’m Google,’ an ongoing Tumblr in which artist Dina Kelberman curates a cascading sequence of visually and thematically linked photos from Google (client) Image Search. Scroll down for 10 seconds and you’ll be hooked – it’s amazing to see how the raw material of the Internet, artfully presented, can tell a story about the vastness of the world that could never be matched by words.

lacosteLacoste Was There
Selected by Amy Andrieux

For their 80th anniversary, Lacoste creatively used their signature polo shirt to articulate the brand’s evolution over the years. Using music, social trends and subtle branding, the viewer is left on their own to follow the story (passion points!) and connect with the timeline (where did you see yourself?). The end result? Lacoste is not only sewn into the historical patchwork of me, the viewer, it also becomes an important element of global history that can’t be erased.

Anne FrankImagine a World Without Hate
Selected by Charlotte Haigh

This poignant video commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Anti-Defamation League gives a glimpse of what the world might be like today if there was less intolerance. A powerful reminder of the importance of standing up against hatred and bigotry, and a great example of using moving visuals to make a lasting impression on your audience.

NestAn Advertisement for PR
Selected byKathryn Piasta

Instead of always having advertising provide the inspiration behind PR programming, this ad turns that norm on its head by letting PR results quite literally build the advertisement. It reminds us just how powerful earned coverage can be and provides some inspiration to break free from normal marketing roles in the integrated mix.